Peace of mind is priceless. At Teasley Place, providing a safe and secure environment for Residents and their guests is of utmost importance. From the very early stages of design, a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to building security was adopted. Proximity fobs, smart locks on all front doors and a revolutionary video intercom system are just a few examples of the technology at work designed to keep you safe and connected.

Building Security Highlights:

-15 Cameras
Monitoring entrances, garages, trash room, storage room hallways, and the retail garage pedestrian access
-30 day Secure Video Storage for all Cameras
-2 Video Intercom Stations   
This revolutionary system with be linked to your smart phone for video/audio building access. When guests arrive at the lobby or residential parking and call up to your unit, the system will dial your smartphone and allow you to verify the guest over a live video/audio feed.
-Proximity Fobs for Garage Door & All Access Door
You’ll receive 2 fobs for your unit. When you are in range, there’s no need to swipe your fob or enter any code-it is automatically detected. Additional fobs are available.
Just like the fobs, your smartphone app will allow you access without the need to enter a code or swipe your phone if you are in proximity. Additional licenses are available.
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