What’s Nearby

  • The Avalon

    Just a short ride from Teasley Place, The Avalon has absolutely everything you need. From a movie theater to endless shops and restaurants, there is always something to do at The Avalon.

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Leather N Pearle

A mother-daughter run shop, Leather N’ Pearle is a unique boutique filled with cowboy boots and handcrafted local goods. If you are looking for some southern charm to add to your wardrobe, be sure to stop by this incredible spot.

Market at Matilda’s

A truly one of a kind shopping experience, you’ll find everything you need-and don’t- at The Market at Matilda’s. Here you’ll discover unique art that is sure to become a great conversation piece for your home.

  • North Point Mall

    With over 140 stores, you don’t have to travel far from home to find what you’re looking for at North Point. Bring the kids to ride the train around the mall or hop on the carousel for some entertainment.

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Photos courtesy of Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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