Smart Home

Here at Teasley Place, you’ll be equipped with the most modern technologies, right at your fingertips.

The Standard Smart Home Package

Control4 Entertainment Bundle

Come home from work, kick off your shoes and play your favorite song through the multi-room audio, or choose a different song for every room! Control all your video and media devices throughout your entire home from the Control4 remote and/or any touchscreen device you own.

Amazon Echo Dot

Run your home efficiently courtesy of Amazon’s Alexa on the Echo Dot. She can set your alarms, recommend local restaurants, and even book your dinner reservation for you. Unsure of the forecast when you’re getting ready in the morning? Just ask Alexa. She will easily become your go-to assistant for all your needs. 

Nest Labs Thermostats

Say goodbye to the days of manually programming your heating and cooling schedule and let the Nest thermostat do that for you. After a week of observing your patterns, the Nest learns your habits and creates a schedule based on them. Those nights when you have multiple burners going in the kitchen and the oven on? The Nest will detect the temperature increase and automatically cool it down for you. Set your Nest from your smart device or by asking Alexa to do it for you. 

(3) Control4 Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmers

Transform your space with a warm glow and set the mood for a romantic dinner, party or quiet night in with these smart dimmers. The Control4 Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmers can be programmed to respond automatically to desired light levels. All cozy ready to start a movie and someone forgot to hit the lights? Turn them off with a voice command to Alexa, through your TV with your Control4 remote or with your smartphone. 
Kwikset– SmartCode Keyless Entry 
Forget to lock your doors? Not a worry with your brand new smart locks from Kwikset. With the ability to lock and unlock your doors remotely, you’ll never have to worry about leaving a spare key with anyone. Let your petsitter in with the push of a button on your smart device while you bask in the sun on vacation. 
Applicable Software

We’ll provide you with all the appropriate software for everything you need to control your home from any of your smartphone devices.

One Hour Consultation with BTTG
BT Technology Group, BTTG, is Atlanta’s Home Techspert. You’ll meet with them for an hour to discuss any additional upgrades that may be of interest to you. Whether it be the installation of a media room, fireplace starter, additional dimmers or wall mounted touch screen pads, BTTG will know exactly what you need.
NOTE:  Some upgrades will require hard-wiring and may be subject to cut-off dates after which costs will increase.  Please consult with your realtor for additional information.
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